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GYMNOVA: Over 40 years but still passionate about gymnastics!

This company, which was established in 1978 by two former gymnasts and trainers, has become the leader in its specialist field in 40 years.

GYMNOVA, specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of gymnastic equipment, is continuously innovating and plays a part in the progress of the various disciplines in this sport.

The range embraces all equipment from baby gyms to competition and in between these, training equipment relating to activities practiced under the aegis of the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique, namely artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobic, acrobatic gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling.

EDUC’GYM educational material is a full and robust range dedicated to young children, prepared in order to facilitate the work of youth leaders and teachers.

GYMNOVA relies for its global development on its dealers or its subsidiaries in the UK, the USA and Switzerland. GYMNOVA’s strong brand awareness enables it to kit out leading international competitions including the World Gymnastics Championships in London in 2009, to name but one, the top event. 

Quality and Homolagations

Homologations, Standardization, qualifications

logo_FIG.jpgSports equipment is subject to standards. It is essential that our products comply veritas.jpgwith European standards and those of the International Gymnastic Federation. The renewal of equipment certifications from the F.I.G. laboratory is required to enable the supply of national and international competitions and also to apply to tenders.

GYMNOVA has developed its own measurement tools, which allows to perform a whole range of tests internally in line with the requirements by the F.I.G. and other standardization organizations. Our department in charge of test and norms tracking, which contributes to improve gymnastic products performance and quality, takes part actively in several standardization commissions.

Quality management

logo_bvqi.jpgThe quality management approach was initiated in 1997 and enabled GYMNOVA to obtain the BVQI certification for the ISO 9001 version 2000 international standard. This standard relates to the continuous improvement of our operations in order to constantly satisfy our customers.

Gymnova considers the quality management approach as top of the art tool to improve the organization and performance of the company and above all to strengthen its customers' trust in its products and services (installation, after sales service, maintenance, etc.)

This Quality Management System, which first achievement was the ISO 9001 certification in April 2000, is the consequence of the company commitment as a whole. This long-term policy aims at satisfying all people implicated with our company and above all, OUR CUSTOMERS!

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